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Ostlund Plumbing's Design/Build System
Through fifty-plus years of servicing customers, we have learned important lessons about new construction. We've found that traditional construction systems are prone to miscommunication, project delays, and cost overruns.

That's why we adapted the Design/Build system to handle all design and construction aspects, including the plumbing engineered drawings.

An Overview of Design/Build
Design/Build focuses on combining the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional approach to new construction. It brings together our design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment.

Cost Savings With Design/Build
The biggest benefit of Design/Build is the cost savings the customer enjoys on the overall project. Cost overruns because of miscommunication and budget disconnect are less likely to happen.

Enhanced Communication
Because a project's design parameters are developed along with budget goals, the Design/Build system offers enhanced communication possibilities.

Increased Accountability
Rather than the parcelized level of responsibility of traditional construction systems, Design/Build provides an integrated entity to the customer. Design revisions, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, construction issues, change orders, and billing can all be routed directly to Ostlund Plumbing.

For more information about Design/Build or any of the services we offer, please call 734-729-1300.
Ostlund Plumbing has served customers from its Westland location for more than 50 years.

Maximizing Customer Value
Using the Design/Build system, we work together with our client to determine what methods and materials will maximize value. In instances where marginally more expensive materials, designs, or construction methods might yield a higher return on investment, the customer is free to adjust the project's program without having to rebid the entire project.

Staying Under Budget
Nearly 70% of traditional construction contracts end up over budget — the result of the budget disconnect to which many architects and other design professionals are prone. Design/Build systems typically factor in at approximately 25-30%, costs that are generally customer driven.

With the Ostlund Plumbing Design/Build system, the customer has greater access to the project team as the project is being developed, and has one entity to deal with, so budget disconnects are far less likely to occur.

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